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Monday, September 26, 2011

Junk Food vs Fresh Food

No one buys junk food because it is good for you. Everyone understands that junk food doesn’t stand a chance when you compare its nutrients, calories or health benefits with fresh or non-processed food.

So why do people continue to buy junk food? It is cheap and fast. Or is it?

When I talk to parents, the overwhelming reasons why they turn to junk food are that it is the least expensive and most convenient option. Whether it is a quick dinner with the kids at McDonalds or providing snack for a kindergarten class or soccer game, most parents turn to nuggets and fries or fruit roll-ups and cookies.

I have argued before that Fast Food isn’t actually faster than boiling water for pasta or cutting up a carrot.  Faster Than Take-Out Pasta

What about cost? Most parents nod their heads in agreement that times are tough and so junk food is necessary for cost reasons. Here’s new data that tells a different story. According to the New York Times, junk food is not cheaper than fresh/non-processed food.

 Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?

It's a myth that chips are cheaper than broccoli. They're not. So what's stopping people from eating more healthfully?