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Friday, November 19, 2010

Faster Than Take-Out Pasta

Well, maybe not faster but I think it takes just as much effort to call up and order food, get the kids together, drive or walk to a restaurant, bring the food home, and eat it. Okay, so maybe you’ll say, why not just sit there, at the restaurant and eat it? Or perhaps you live in an area where you can get any type of food delivered to your door. I understand, some nights I want to eat at home without making a big fuss in the kitchen. Even if I call for food to be delivered, I still have to wait maybe 30 minutes for it.

Typically I think of ordering take-out because I am tired or pressed for time or my kids are all in bad moods or I haven’t gone to the grocery store and so I think I have nothing to cook for dinner. Whatever the situation may be, the fact is, I can make a quick and easy dinner with items I have in my pantry, stocked in my freezer or left over in my refrigerator that will satisfy myself and my kids and be ready in just as much time it takes me to order take-out.

Some nights I simply need a break and order take out. But those other nights when I just get lazy, those are the times when I remember Faster Than Take-Out Pasta.

What’s my secret? Pasta, olive oil, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Really, that’s it. Okay so you may have some leftovers to throw in like left over chicken sliced up or a side dish of steamed frozen peas or garlic and zucchini to sauté. You may even have some fresh parmesan cheese to grate up or basil for garnish. Whatever you’ve got – put it together, put it on the table and call it dinner. Chances are it will be quicker, easier and certainly more nutritious and less expensive than another night of take-out. Not every home-cooked meal requires planning and shopping and standing over pots.

A nutritious meal doesn’t need to be complicated. What’s your faster than take-out meal?

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